I know how it feels to be meant for something greater than what you are doing, how it feels when your daily job or life is not challenging you to reach your full potential.  

You hear that voice inside of you; telling you that you are not following your own path, but it is hard to define what that voice is.

Hey Beautiful!

I am a mindset and confidence coach aiming to support you in realizing your full potential and making your vision a reality.

Creatively leading sisters around the world in their transition from 9-5 into their own service based business, reaching for their full potential, growing out of standards of security and normality of life.

I challenge you to take a step into this transition in a more inspired way. Because it’s a place where possibilities grow.

I challenge you to allow yourself to go towards your dreams, those that feel good and more expansive.

I challenge you to love yourself fully and achieve success and finally live your purpose.

I want you to feel motivated and pulled by your soul’s vision and be so clear of your WHY that you feel inspired to take that action every day.


I support women to reconnect with their divine goddess.


I am passionate about the power of the mind, the subconscious and the inner work, my unique approach is based on creating the right mindset and aligning it with your soul inspired vision which will result with outer success. My work is also about life mastery and rituals used for a better performance in life as Women entrepreneurs.



I walked a long way until arriving at the point where I was clear about my role in this life.

 When I finally discovered coaching, I felt like an internal light bulb turned on.

I developed an interest and affection for the whole world of supporting others and improving and upleveling their lives, but when I finally discovered what what was my purpose on this planet, I no longer felt the urge to do what I did in the field of marketing.

So I did what any irresponsible, naive and hopeful person would do:

I quit my job in London at that time to pursuit this dream. It seemed that once you know what you want the rest is pretty easy and will come fast.

The fact that I lived with my partner at the moment gave me security and in the beginning it all went pretty smoothly.

 One of the things that kept me motivated was my mantra written by Paulo Coelho:

“ When you really want something, the whole Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

This one I found in the Alchemist when I was about 15. At that point of my life the journey in self-discovery began. I found it only logical, because the Universe wants for you to achieve your goal that way it shows you what it would look like at the beginning so you feel inspired to go and chase that dream.

 Led by this thought I attracted my first clients, whom I didn’t charge. The universe was really supporting me on this and telling me I was on the right path.

Until, it came the time for me to see it as a real business, and I was supposed to start charging for my services. It became more real and the life cost in London was not friendly, I felt pressured.

That’s when the journey of going out of my comfort zone begun. Stretching and moving towards unknown waters.


Controlled with these limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities I felt the need to break free. Going for a new level in life, and by that, facing new challenges and obstacles.

But unlike the superheroes from the games I didn’t have the superpowers and tools to go to the next level, I needed to develop them.

But, it was not that easy.

Without the right mindset or the right beliefs I would sabotage myself all the time.

Even though I had a vision of myself as a successful woman entrepreneur, subconsciously I really didn't believe it was possible or available to me.

I thought I used all the right tools: pushing, grinding, thinking of the next trainings, that would bring me finally that feeling of confidence.

But it was the opposite. Letting fear and overthinking rule stopped me from moving forward. The inner critic was louder than ever. At that point my life flow was stuck, it was a sign that something wasn’t working.


So, one day I found myself at 31 years old, living with my parents again, a broken relationship with the man whom I was going to marry, feeling  broken, mentally, monetarily, physically. It felt like I had fail at this game of life, and at my own purpose.

At this point two options were presented to me.

I could rebuild my old life and keep the story simple by putting my dreams completely aside.

But that would mean going back to my comfort zone, it would mean to stop growing and stretching.

 My vision wasn’t there.


Instead, I chose the growth, the stretching and what my heart was inspiring me to move towards.

The inner journey of reprogramming my story, of silencing my inner critic begun.

It was a journey of building new rituals that would allow a better performance and help me keep the trust, even when I couldn’t see any results, even when everyone around me were less supportive.

I finally managed to rewrite a new story, a more empowered one. To shift my mindset and bring more love into myself. To feel good and worthy enough of my dreams.  

I got fascinated about the internal stories and beliefs that we hold, from what we learnt, from our families, from our culture, etc.

I discovered the new tools for reprogramming the subconscious mind.

I built my internal superpowers to navigate this new level I was at.

It was the time of co-creating with the universe. 

Of connecting more with my feminine energy, of receiving, allowing and manifesting.

I started getting more clarity on my purpose and allowing myself to believe in my vision. I started to behave and feel like the woman from my vision. I started to become the Queen I really was.

I decided to go all in. To jump into the water.

I realized that if I wanted to take the island I needed to burn my boats, which meant really investing in myself and my business, getting my own coach and mentor.

But most importantly, commiting to this for the long run.

Before this realization I always had a backup plan, and now If something is not working, I adapt the plans, the actions, but never my ultimate goal.

Today I feel more empowered and at home with myself. I feel good enough, worthy enough and deserving enough of my big dreams and the life I’m choosing every day.  I feel more connected to my truth and purpose and opened up to receive .

And while I keep stretching myself and feels so uncomfortable at times, I keep moving forward, I keep choosing love instead of fear.

You can have all the trainings, all the systems and the marketing tools to start your business, and they are important, but ultimately, what will move the needle and bring you the success is to believe in yourself, to know that you deserve to achieve your dreams.

That is what will make you stay and keep moving in the middle of uncertainty, will make you jump into the unknown with the total faith that it’s the right thing to do.

Will make you challenge yourself and burn your boats, even when there’s no sign of the shore nearby.

This is so important to me, and my mission, to bring you along the journey, to help you make that jump. To support you to believe that your dream business and life is available to you and so you can master your inner game, burn your boats and take your island.


We have a huge potential, and as women we sometimes diminish our own light to shine, putting ourselves limits for our own greatness. Comparing ourselves to others hiding into not having enough clarity or perfection to move forward.

Our Deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” actually, Who are you not to be?
— Marianne Williamson

Transform your fears into power. Get inspired again. Remember why you decided to do this and stop hiding behind your comfortable and unfulfilling life.

Your dreams deserve to be yours.


My background

△ Certified Life Coach, London UK

△ PSYCH-K facilitator (Reprograming of the subconscious mind)

△ Marketing & Digital Marketing Professional Background

△ Mindfulness Course in Stress Reduction, London UK

△ Student of A course In Miracles

△ Reiki Certificate Level 1 & 2


Fun Facts about me

△ Went on a Silence Meditation Retreat (Vipassana) for 10 days in Thailand.

△ I love Traveling and the freedom to live anywhere.

△ I’ve lived in Hawaii, Sydney, London.

△ I was born and raised in Chile

△ My dream is to live in Italy for a while, to improve my Italian.

△ Love High performing habits and life mastery, to live our full potential

△  My passion for tea led me do a course as a tea blend designer  and went to visit the tea plantations in Sri Lanka. One of my most special trips

△  I'm a Taurus. ENFP-T (Intuitive).

△ Train journeys are my favourite thing to do when travelling.