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About Me


I'm a certified life coach, NLP practitioner and meditation guide.

I work with  passionate and motivated women (and men) who seek personal growth and a strong desire to show up fully in their lives despite the challenges. I’m here to support them into realising their full potential and finally make their vision a reality. To help them achieve their dreams and transform their world. 

I believe in the power that’s within ourselves to improve our life. I believe it's never too late to reinvent ourselves and take charge of our situation and reconnect with who we truly are, despite what everyone's telling who we need to be. I believe in choosing love over fear, in meaningful connections and in the power of our mind to create our reality.


My journey

It wasn't always the way I am today...

Growing up I always felt guilty for being different and for not fitting in. I was very insecure. I didn't feel free to be myself. That’s why I always quit everything I started. I didn't want to fail and prove others right.

Dreams of travel became my plans of escape. My door to freedom. To become the person I wanted to be with no judgements. To give myself permission to live and do things I wasn't allowing at home.

By traveling I thought I could be brave enough, secure enough, happy enough. I wanted to prove I could do it. I could go from feeling trapped to feeling free.

My first trip overseas was my way to prove to them I could do anything. I was smart, brave, inspired, free, relaxed. I realised, it was only away from home that I could allow me to be me.

But I had to eventually return. Going back to real life was going back to my old self. To the struggle. To not being good enough again. I had limitations. I felt that my life started when I was out there. Somewhere else.

For many years I planned my next dream trip. That one that would allow me to live my life again. I waited and waited until finally I got my ticket. My ticket to my freedom and my future.

But when I got there. What was meant to be the trip of my life, the best thing ever, turned out not to be. I was alone. I was scared. I was so upset that my dream didn’t turn out the way I had built it in my head. I felt so much pressure not to fail at my dream. I wanted it to be perfect. I was so obsessed on the outcome, on how this trip should love.  I couldn’t quit and be a failure.

Instead of living my dream I was broke - mentally, spiritually, physically and monetarily. I gained 12 kilos. It didn’t matter what I did, I tried to control everything but it was like holding sand in my fingers. I was lost. I touched rock bottom.

I was so worried about proving everything to everybody. It was such an empty feeling. I was living a life that wasn’t true to myself. Not taking care of my body and my mind. I fell into the mindset of always looking forward for something else, something out there, the next step, the next opportunity, that I stop living the present, fully.

I wanted so much - but not the right things and certainly not in the right way.

That’s when I had to surrender completely.

I made the decision.

I could keep on that journey and be part of that failing story, or I could look within.  

I decided to immerse myself in the challenges and learn from them instead. I realised it was time to look inside, to work on myself. I started meditating, changing the way I talked to myself, learning about manifestation and how our thoughts can change our world.

I went on a different kind of travel. The most important one. The one Within.
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The trip of my life ( or what I thought was meant to be) became the biggest challenge to face. I realised it was a lesson for me to release and let go. To come up and rise as a better person, a happier person. To grow into the Woman I wanted to be

It took time, and I had to learn to be patient and trusting. I allowed the universe to step in. I went on a rebuilding journey. I allowed myself to look at the mirror and felt in love with me again. I forgave myself.

I lost the weight, mentally and physically. No matter where I was I started bringing joy and happiness to everything I do

Phew years latter I wanted to help others to realise their own potential, for them to create their own reality, I wanted to serve and have a more meaningful life, So I discovered the power of Coaching. I became certified and found that knowing the strengths and how wonderful everyone is in their unique way is such a fulfilling way to live. I love holding space for others and I want to empower everyone to rewrite their own stories and go through this journey with all the gifts this life offer us. 

Life is a journey.

And you decide the way you want to live it and what you can bring out to it.

You can create a life weather from fear or from love.

I chose Love 


This Journey Taught me

△ Now I see every struggle as an opportunity to grow and become a better version of myself.
△ I believe in our life as a projection of what is inside of us and our thoughts

△ I Realised the full potential within me
△ I believe we have unlimited resources within to become and get anything we truly want in our lives
△ Each of us have a unique gift and our mission and purpose in life is to share it with the world

△ To move on I needed to release the victim mentality and take responsibility for my own life, I can create the reality I live in every day. 



Professional background

△ Certified Life Coach, London UK

△ Certified NLP practitioner

△ PSYCH-K facilitator

△ Mindfulness Course certificate in Stress Reduction, London UK

△ Marketing and Digital Marketing profession background

△ Reiki Certificate Level 2

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Fun facts about me

     △  My passion for tea made me do a course as a tea blend designer  and went to visit the tea plantations in Sri Lanka. One of my most special trip

     △  I am from Chile and I have lived in Hawaii, Australia and London.

     △  I'm a Taurus. ENFP-T (Intuitive). Symbol: triangle. Turtle is my spirit animal.

     △  I did a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in Thailand.

     △  When I really connect to myself is through hikes to the mountains,  yoga, meditation and Journaling.

△ My dream is to Live in Italy one day and speak the language perfectly.

△ Train journeys are my favourite thing to do when travelling.