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12 Week Program

For the Woman ready to grow her New business in a soulful way

Earn Full-time Income by pursuing your Passion

Being at the beginning of starting or transitioning into your New Service-Based business, It’s the most challenging stage where you’re trying to accelerate, build momentum. 

It’s the time where like a rocket you need to use 90% of the fuel to pull up into the air. 

This is where you need to lay the foundations to be able to build a strong building. And it requires for you to show up, step up and become the woman up for the challenge. 

You have big dreams, a Vision that you know it’s yours to live it, yet find yourself with fears, self-doubt and perfectionism running the show, preventing you to fully show up, questioning everything & not fully knowing what to do next or how to make this to really work.


You know you are meant for more, but right now you…

Don’t know where to start. Not sure how to make the transition from the woman you were to the female entrepreneur you are becoming.

procastinating into taking action and showing up for your business.

Thoughts of doubt take you out of the game, overthinking everything, without taking action.

Feel isolated yearning for support

Feel disconnected from yourself, finding it difficult to listen to your intuition, comparing yourself to others way ahead of you.

Your inner critic is too loud at the moment. Making you sabbotage and procastinate.

Struggle with confidence to take action and share your message with the world.

I know how it feels to be meant for something greater than what you are doing, how it feels when your daily job or life is not challenging you to reach your full potential.

When I first started this, and stepped into the unknown, I found myself in this new path with a huge inner critic , with a very low wealth consciousness, and a belief system that really didn’t support my vision. I had a story that wasn’t serving me.

 Controlled with these limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities I felt the need to break free. Going for a new level in life, and by that, facing new challenges and obstacles.

But unlike the superheroes from the games I didn’t have the superpowers and tools to go to the next level, I needed to develop them.

It was not that easy.

Without the right mindset or the right beliefs I would sabotage myself all the time.

Even though I had a vision of myself as a successful woman entrepreneur, subconsciously I really didn't believe it was possible or available to me.

I thought If I used all the right tools: pushing, grinding, thinking of the next trainings, that would bring me finally that feeling of confidence.

But it was the opposite. Letting fear and overthinking stopped me from moving forward. The inner critic was louder than ever. At that point my life flow was stuck, it was a sign that something wasn’t working.

I knew that if I wanted to go towards my dreams, instead of looking outside, I had to go within.

It was a journey of building new rituals that would allow a better performance and help me keep the trust, even when I couldn’t see any results, even when everyone around me were less supportive.

I finally managed to rewrite a new story, a more empowered one. To shift my mindset and bring more love into myself. To feel good and worthy enough of my dreams.

I got fascinated about the internal stories and beliefs that we hold, from what we learnt, from our families, from our culture, etc.

I discovered the new tools for reprogramming the subconscious mind.

I built my internal superpowers to navigate this new level I was at.

I started co-creating with the universe.

I started to behave and feel like the woman from my vision. I started to become the Queen I really was.

I decided to go all in. To jump into the water.

I realized that if I wanted to take the island I needed to burn my boats, which meant really investing in myself and my business, getting my own coach and mentor.

Today I feel more empowered and at home with myself. I feel good enough, worthy enough and deserving enough of my big dreams and the life I’m choosing every day.  I feel more connected to my truth and purpose and opened up to receive. And while I keep stretching myself and feels so uncomfortable at times, I keep moving forward, I keep choosing love instead of fear.

You can have all the trainings, all the systems and the marketing tools to start your business, and they are important, but ultimately, what will move the needle and bring you the success is to believe in yourself, to know that you deserve to achieve your dreams.


This is so important to me, and my mission, to bring you along the journey, to help you make that jump. To support you to believe that your dream business and life is available to you and so you can master your inner game, burn your boats and take your island.



My name is Daniela Sani!

An International Life Coach, specialized in mindset and Inner confidence. Aiming to support Women around the World in realizing their full potential and making their vision a reality.

it’s my mission to support Women get into Alignment, Believe in the infinite possibilites, raise your inner game and from that place become more magnetic in your business & life.

I’m Passionate about the power of the mind, the subconscious and the inner work. My unique approach is based on creating the right mindset and aligning it with your soul inspired vision which will result with outer success. My work is also about life mastery and rituals used for a better performance in life as you transition into building the Mindset of The Woman Entrepreneur.

I’m here to support you

I know you are passionate and want to make an impact. You have a big desire of discovering and unleashing your potential to finally make your vision a reality. You want to Attract more clients, opportunities, more money and finally transition full-time into your Business.


That’s why I created this program.

Become Magnetic to your ideal clients, attract more money & opportunities. Build the right and Aligned Roadmap to get the results.

So you Finally

Feel excited about your true Vision

Create an inspired and aligned action plan towards your dream business.

Create & define your own ideal version of success

Wake up excited because you are doing what you love

More connected to the deeper truth of who you are

Create a soulful strategy and goals that are expansive and aligned with your vision

Feel deserving of your dreams

Break free of negative thoughts patterns and beliefs that no longer serves you

Get out of overthinking , that leads to procastination and finally get things done

Connect with your feminine energy to attract and manifest more success, so you feel inspired to take action

Stop sabotaging yourself and become the queen of your life.

Build the mindset of a Woman entrepreneur

Unlock your inner GPS for guidance


For such a time as now, things are shifting and now more than ever us Women are experiencing something powerful waking up within and is asking us to show up and bring it to life

What you’ll gain from this 12 Weeks program



Open up to possibilities out of life. When you’re open to what’s possible and available to you, the Universe hands them to you like miracles. Develop the mindset that allows you to believe youre deserving of your vision & to have it all.


Imagine supercharging your confidence, building that inner strength and the belief in you at your deepest core. one that knows you can have, be, do, create anything you desire.


You know you can have exactly the life, the business, the relationship you want.


Connecting deeply within to find answers, get clear on what’s your vision, the one that feels aligned with you. It’s this higher vision that makes you wake up inspired, connected and aligned; to start building that inner gpd that guides you.

After working with Dani I am a much stronger and more determined woman than I thought I was, She showed me the possibilities that I can achieve my goals. My biggest change was to start thinking in me first, give myself the opportunity to be free to choose what I want to do and how my vision looked like for me. My goal was to find a path to financial freedom, to do what I desire, and to build something that really meant to me. Dani’s ability to ampathise and challenge you in a loving way, to make things happen, to see things differently.
I finally got total clarity on what my dreams are and believe I’m worthy to go and chase them. It has been a great experience of personal and professional growth, having someone helping me to see beyond what I could see.

— Mabel C
She is the best listener I have ever met - thoughtful, kind, and non-judgemental. Her ability to empathise and ask the “right” questions at the right time to encourage introspection and self love was incredibly helpful. Dani re-framed many of my thoughts, which was integral to me reaching my goals from her coaching. I would highly recommend Dani as a coach, inspiration, and friend.
— Laura K
This has been without doubt one of the most fulfilling experience of my life, and believe me, all the advise and the insights I will take them with me forever.
Always kind, happy, and sometimes tough. Open up to Dani was super easy. After each session I gained more confidence on myself, love and value myself more and open up to give my best, To focus on what’s really important in my life.
Since our first session, she made me see the journey it was taking my life, she opened up my eyes and challenged me to see differently and to learn how to resolve issues that were no longer serving me. Thank you for all the guides, mantras, notes, resources and exercises.

— Sandy R
Dani has been a great support in helping me identify my goals and the changes I needed to make in order to reach those goals. She’s made everything feel achievable by breaking these changes into steps and ensuring my energy was focused on the right things. I found her sessions really useful as they provided the chance to focus on myself, something which had become a low priority for me in my busy life. Dani is kind, understanding and positive and the perfect support to help you move forward with confidence!
— Ana S.

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12 Week Program


What you’ll get

+ Initiation Packet To Set your intentions for this time together and start right away digging deep for transformation, and for me to get to know you better before our first session.

+ 9 Coaching Sessions 1:1 with Daniela hour-long Skype coaching session. 3 calls per month.

+ Unlimited Email support during the entire program Access to my personal email where I usually reply within 24 hours.

+ Post session recap sent to your email After each session will send you the recap of our call.

+ Tailored tools and resources to help you move forward Will share what works for me and what I have learned until now.

Plus the Following Bonus Gifts

+ Initial 2hour intensive Skype session we will come together for an intensive first session to review your Welcome packet, be crystal clear on your intentions and map out the journey. Valued at $560

+ 1 distance PSYCH-K session for Reprograming Subconscious beliefs (we will reprogram up to 10 limiting beliefs directly into your subconscious mind) valued at $120 Learn more about PSYCH-K

Total Investment


I only work with few women each month to fully engage and serve best way possible.


This program is for the woman who is done playing small. Who wants to live her vision and is commited to her growth and her life. That woman who’s ready to show up, do the inner and outer work required to live more purposefully. That is done with uncertainty and is ready to take action.

You are passionate and want to make an impact. You have a big desire of discovering and unleashing your potential to finally make your vision a reality.


Daniela´s sessions were very enlightening to me. Many things I was/wasn´t doing in my life that were keeping me from achieving my goals & dreams; I was finally able to realise those blocks and work on them. I questioned things about my life I had never questioned before and found so many answers that I was able to put into practice. The greatest thing about her is that she guides you in a way so you can get to the very core of every situation and start taking charge of your own life events. I am so grateful for having had the chance of being coached by her.
— Camila C
A month after a PSYCH-K session with Daniela, I feel a different level of motivation and confidence with myself and my belief in my ability to be successful that wans’t there before. And I’ve been able to bring in 3 new clients into my Biz.
— Keisha Delva, Therapist + mindset Coach