Living your purpose and going for your dreams shouldn’t have to be so difficult, or something reserved for others.


It can be for you too

You’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be this way anymore


Ready To dive in Deeply?

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12 Week Coaching Program

For the Woman ready to confidently turn her business idea into reality and finally live a purpose-driven life

This program is for the woman who is done playing small. Who wants to live her vision and is commited to her growth and her life. That woman who’s ready to show up, do the inner and outer work required to live more purposefully. That is done with uncertainty and is ready to take action.

You are passionate and want to make an impact. You have a big desire of discovering and unleashing your potential to finally make your vision a reality. You want to reinvent yourself and re-connect with who  you truly are.

Your dreams are not suppossed to die with you.

Thats why I created this program.

To support you on this journey of getting the confidence to take action and create that business you’ve been thinking about for months or even years.

Ready to feel lit up by your purpose and step fully into the divine goddess who lives her life vision?

What you’ll gain from this 12 Weeks program



Open up to possibilities out of life. When you’re open to what’s possible and available to you, the Universe hands them to you like miracles.


Imagine supercharging your confidence, building that inner strength and the belief in you at your deepest core. one that knows you can have, be, do, create anything you desire.


You know you can have exactly the life, the business, the relationship you want.


Connecting deeply within to find answers, get clear on what’s your vision, the one that feels aligned with you. It’s this higher vision that makes you wake up inspired, connected and aligned; to start building that inner gpd that guides you.

What you’ll get

+ Initiation Packet To Set your intentions for this time together and start right away digging deep for transformation, and for me to get to know you better before our first session.

+ 9 Coaching Sessions 1:1 with Daniela hour-long Skype coaching session. 3 calls per month.

+ Unlimited Email support during the entire program Access to my personal email where I usually reply within 24 hours.

+ Post session recap sent to your email After each session will send you the recap of our call.

+ Tailored tools and resources to help you move forward Will share what works for me and what I have learned until now.


Plus the Following Bonus Gifts if you Start this month

+ Initial 2hour intensive Skype session we will come together for an intensive first session to review your Welcome packet, be crystal clear on your intentions and map out the journey. Valued at $450

+ 1 distance PSYCH-K session for reprograming subconscious beliefs (we will reprogram up to 10 limiting beliefs directly into your subconscious mind) valued at $120 Learn more about PSYCH-K


About your Host & Coach

Daniela Sani is an International Life Coach, specialized in mindset and Inner confidence. Aiming to support Women around the World in realizing their full potential and making their vision a reality.

Creatively leading sisters around the world in their transition from 9-5 into their own service based businesses, reaching for their full potential, growing out of standards of security and normality of life.

Passionate about the power of the mind, the subconscious and the inner work. Her unique approach is based on creating the right mindset and aligning it with their soul inspired vision which will result with outer success. Her work is also about life mastery and rituals used for a better performance in life as they transition from their 9-5 into their new entrepreneurial life.