Choosing Love over Fear

Choosing Love over fear


Every day, in every situation, in our relationship with others, in our work, in our everyday life,  we make decisions on how to react to what is happening to us, we always choose between 2 options:
love or fear.

Fear is your ego, your inner critical voice.This is the one that separates us, builds walls instead of opening roads, it takes us away from who we are and connecting with others, from feeling little valued and insufficient when we judge and compare ourselves with others. It is then when we are choosing fear over love. This prevents us from living the life we dream.

How many decisions  and daily actions you take based on fear?

The story we create about ourselves and about our life situations, are the internal movie that plays in auto pilot.

But, what happens when we consciously choose to change the projection of a movie based in fear, for a movie based in love instead?

If you want to experiment more love, connection, better experiences in your life, train yourself to see through the lenses of love. What’s outside doesn’t change but your perception of those experiences.

The way you see yourself, others and the situations that comes to your life.

The Universe responds to the energy that’s behind your beliefs. The energy of love is the highest one that could exist. So choose love over fear every single morning, when you wake up, set your intention. Make it your daily practice. You have the power to choose at every moment.

In the middle of the darkness, be the lantern that shines.

When feeling you are acting through fear, repite this affirmation:

“I know I have fallen into fear in this situation and I have moved away from my essence. I choose now to see through love instead.”

Try this one day at a time and see how different is your experience when you choose Love.