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About Daniela Sani

International Coach and Mentor supporting Women embody their inner CEO, charge their worth, get soulful clients and go full-time in their business.

My mission is to help you step into your power, kick the fear out of the curb so you can thrive in your business and life.

Host of the "Elevated Woman Podcast". Certified Life coach, NLP & psych-k facilitator to reprogram the subconscious limiting beliefs, meditation and manifestation guide, and a background in marketing and advertising, spirituality and Universal laws combined with my own experience on building a coaching business for 3+ years now. 

"I feel a different level of motivation and confidence with myself and my belief in my ability to be successful that wasn’t there before. And I’ve been able to bring in 3 new clients into my Biz."
Keisha, Purpose Coach. Washington DC
"I had been feeling stuck and blocked for a while. after a few coaching sessions we had, everything changed. two weeks after the last session I booked a role in a film and in a TV show!."
Camila, Actress & numerology guide. Chile
"This has been without doubt one of the most fulfilling experience of my life, and believe me, all the advise and the insights I will take them with me forever. Open up to Dani was super easy. After each session I gained more confidence on myself, love and valued myself more and open up to give my best, To focus on what was really important."
Sandy. Barcelona 
"I finally got total clarity on what my dreams are and believe I’m worthy to go and chase them. It has been a great experience of personal and professional growth, having someone helping me to see beyond what I could see."
Mabel. Entrepreneur. Chile
"I have determined what my steps are next. Understood and practice the importance of genuine 1:1 relationships with audience realised on what my main challenges were and got techniques to overcome them."
M Gabriela, coach. Miami Fl.  
"She is the best listener I have ever met - thoughtful, kind, and non-judgemental. Her ability to empathise and ask the “right” questions at the right time to encourage introspection and self love was incredibly helpful. Dani re-framed many of my thoughts, which was integral to me reaching my goals from her coaching.."
Laura K. London.