The world transforms in front of you, when you change the way you choose to see it.

The world transforms in front of you, when you change the way you see it

The world transforms in front of you when you choose to change the way to see it - Daniela Sani

Life, like glasses has different lenses, , the lens we use is the way we see our world around us.

The moment we take responsibility, that everything in our life that happened so far, is a direct result of the way we approach it, the way we see it. Is about changing our perspective.

I know is scary to take such a big responsibility, and is easier to feel like victims of our circumstances, blaming others, the situations, the weather, irritating husband or wife, the horrible boss, the boring job, the government, etc.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you’ll look at, change
— Wayne Dyer

Whether you want to accept it or not, we all have this power within ourselves. Taking responsibility means that you have decided to become a conscious creator of your own life story.

But, How do we take responsibility then?

1. Knowing and accepting your full responsibility.  Just realising this creates a big shift in your perception already. Is the first big step.


2. Practice consciousness every day. Our days go by in an auto repeat mode. Where we are conditioned already of how we react from some situation, in a way we always had before. Being conscious when this comes up, to acknowledge it, stopping, take a breath and ask ourselves:  Is this reaction I’m about to have, useful? Knowing that we have a choice, and decide consciously which one will make our life better.


3 choose your words and thoughts wisely. Whatever you think or say becomes a reality. Your mind will try to match that and will find evidence in the outer world to prove that your thoughts and words match. Vibrate in a higher frequency to match things that are in higher vibrational fields, so suddenly, you start crossing with nicer people, happier ones, better situations, less irritable ones, etc.


4 know that being responsible is not blaming yourself or feeling guilty. Enough said.

Become the conscious creator of your life, and watch your entire world rising in front of your eyes. A more purposeful life.