What you most reject, Grows stronger

What you most reject, grow stronger


None of us have being taught how to feel our emotions.  

We've being taught not to cry. To suck it up and smile, make it like everything is ok.

Today is all about  thinking positively. We are rejecting more than ever to feel whatever it is we are feeling. The discomfort, pain, sadness, fear, anxiety. We are disconnected to our inner guidance because we bury deep down every unpleasant emotions, in the hopes to make it like nothing happens.

Feel our feelings can be very uncomfortable, Unpleasant. So we reject them,lock them in and change our state to feel better quickly.

A few months ago, all my safe ground got shaken, taking me into a very unpleasant rollercoaster of emotions, uncertainty, sadness and anxiety. All I had for sure, the future plans, what I thought I had for granted, was suddenly not anymore.

So all new emotions came up for me, the more I rejected those feelings, the more present they were. So it grew in me lot of anxiety.

By trying to push them away, and staying positive and thinking” I’m fine it's just a phase”- I just locked them in. But they appeared in other ways, like in an allergy in my whole body, headaches,insomnia and anger.

My body was releasing some of the pain in a physical way, because I wasn't releasing my emotions.

So If i wanted to feel better, to heal and to see better how to move forward I had to show up. To allow myself to feel whatever I was feeling. To write it down, to notice it where were the emotions within my body.

There is some sort of cleansing in the feeling.

In Vipassana meditation, they have this saying that whatever you reject it grows bigger.

It’s so true, the best way out is through. Connecting and feeling whatever I was feeling, allowed me to give the attention to know what are all this emotions trying to tell me. To acknowledge them, so they can dissolve in order to move on.

Being aware of this state, of being present with any emotion you are experience right now, opens the possibility for you to most open your heart, to bring love and acceptance to this state.

What feeling your feelings can do for you:

  • Every emotion is telling you something. Is showing you the path, a way. Whether to stay or move away from a situation.

  • Feel and heal before it builds up and explodes into other more painful ways.

  • Learn to listen to your body, learn the language of your feelings and sensations to connect more and know what you're rejecting, what you need to let go.

  • Have more compassion and acceptance to wherever you are right now.

Anything you are feeling in the moment, welcome it, accept it's there. Know that everything is impermanent and this too shall pass.