When you go on holiday do your habits and rituals take a break too? Lessons from my trip to Italy.

What I’ve learned from my trip to Italy

When you go on holiday do your habits take a break too? lessons from my trip to Italy- DanielaSani

Travel is the best form of disconnection and of exploration. Seeing new things, new cultures, new places, opening your eyes to different ways of living.

But what happens to the rituals and routine you have at home? Especially when you travel with others, who have other ways of traveling and different routines?

A couple of months ago, me, my mom and sister, planned a trip to Italy, just women without our partners to enjoy and have the opportunity to be together. As They live in Chile and I have been in London for over a year now.

For a while now I have being doing my daily practices , which make me feel more aligned, centered and productive. These include yoga, meditation, a nourishing diet and exercise.

I planned to keep them up while away, and was feeling very focused on staying on track.

The trip started and the first days went well, I managed to keep my routine, until one slip and my routine fell apart.

It’s not like we the 3 of us do the same things, and have the same routines. In fact, we are very different, and have different approaches of living life, which is wonderful. But these different approaches can make it difficult to keep your own routines.

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rituals and habits take a break too- DanielaSani-Italy-journeys
when you go on holiday do your habits and rituals take a break too-Daniela Sani

As complicated humans we like to make excuses to compensate our behavior. How to be strong if everybody is ordering ice cream everyday and you are just watching. How about when you are buying nibbles to have at the Airbnb and looking at the food labels of everything and wanting to buy your own food - you look like a weird to them.

So what happens? You relax and decide to enjoy it with them, to have fun and have all the ice creams, to go to bed late , have a drink, and skip the meditation and workout of the morning, because you feel tired. Then your inner voice step in and start saying that since you are enjoying that you might as well leave everything behind and dive into it completely. If you had the cake why not have the whole cake and more.

So at the end of the trip you feel heavy and start thinking of going back home, to start all over again, the hard part of make this a habit again. Detox and needing more time to recover when you are back.

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It is kinda exhausting. But I’ve been thinking a lot about it and what keeps coming to my mind is the word balance. I thought balance was doing everything right and eating healthy all the time, exercising, nourishing my body… but I have had a realisation, at least for me, that balance is not about doing everything right, all the time,  perfectly. It’s about being flexible and adapting to the circumstances. It’s about being able to bring your routine into the mess of life and make changes. To adapt. It’s not all or nothing. It’s definitely not punishing yourself or feeling guilty or bad about it afterwards - these things aren’t being balanced. It is instead knowing your priorities and being flexible when things are out of your control. Even if you want to be more balanced. If you try to control the results so much, it ends up being the opposite. Being mindful and present of the choices and the way your body feels. And how we feel and how we enjoy are food is going to make a big difference. Cuz no matter how clean and healthy you eat, if you are depressed, angry, worry or obsessed your body will not be nourished. 

Lessons learnt from traveling to Italy with family- when on holiday- Daniela Sani.JPG
when you go on holiday do your habits take a break too- lessons from italy- Daniela Sani

By idolising balance you are creating more expectations on how things should be or look like. Balance is more about the intention you set in your life. In your decisions and in leaving space for enjoying the messy and imperfect life. Especially when you are travelling.

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I really want to know your thoughts about it. How do you bring your balance when traveling, and if this is a struggle as well for some of you. How do we react in front of adversity and changes. Is it that you bring your same habits and rituals when travelling?