What would it look like if you…

Believe it’s possible for you to Be, Do, Have and Create whatever your soul desires. If you Finally feel empowered, connected and confident to step fully into your side hustle or business idea, to become that independent Woman that has more Freedom & meaning.

You are invited to this Free Webinar. I’ll be sharing with you exclusive content and exercises to help you discover and let go what’s holding you back. Learn how to stop sabotaging your own journey of becoming a female entrepreneur.


Living your purpose and going for your dreams shouldn’t have to be so difficult, or something reserved for others.


It can be for you too

So, why does it feels like…

  • You stop at the start because of a fear of failing and not feeling ready, without ever fully transition.

  • You compare to other Women who are so far ahead that seems out of reach for you.

  • You are unclear on what your purpose really is. You keep going back and forth without fully jumping into the water.

You’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. It doesnt have to feel a struggle or like you need to hustle and suffer in the process.


About your Host & Coach

Daniela Sani is an International Life Coach, specialized in mindset and Inner confidence. Aiming to support Women around the World in realizing their full potential and making their vision a reality.

Creatively leading sisters around the world in their transition from 9-5 into their own service based businesses, reaching for their full potential, growing out of standards of security and normality of life.

Passionate about the power of the mind, the subconscious and the inner work. Her unique approach is based on creating the right mindset and aligning it with their soul inspired vision which will result with outer success. Her work is also about life mastery and rituals used for a better performance in life as they transition from their 9-5 into their new entrepreneurial life. .


What you’ll be learning

  • Identify the internal story replaying in your life so far

  • In what ways this is stopping you from taking action, and moving towards your side hustle and make it fulltime.

  • Who you can be without those internal stories.

  • See Possibilities, where you saw obstacles before.