It’s time to start living your Purpose-Driven Life

Daniela Sani, Mindset & Confidence Coach for Women who want to live their Dreams

Hello Beautiful!

I am a mindset + confidence coach aiming to support you in realizing your full potential and making your vision a reality.

Creatively leading sisters around the world in their transition from 9-5 into their own service based business, reaching for their full potential, growing out of standards of security and normality of life.

I support women to reconnect with their divine goddess.

I am passionate about the power of the mind, the subconscious and the inner work, my unique approach is based on creating the right mindset and aligning it with your soul inspired vision which will result with outer success. My work is also about life mastery and rituals used for a better performance in life as entrepreneurs.

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You are passionate and want to make an impact. You have a big desire of discovering and unleashing your potential to finally make your vision a reality. You want to reinvent yourself and re-connect with who  you truly are.

Let’s Work Together


“dream design”

1:1 Program


“Soul’s Purpose”

vip intensive




Download this FREE 30 days mindful practice, to recharge, connect with yourself and show you some love.

  • Workbook with coaching questions for reflecting and ideas + a calendar to print out and organice your practice.

  • A guided mp3 meditation to download and listen to anytime.